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One of the contenders for victory in Brazil conducted a tender for the purchase of short-range air defense systems is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system "Tor-M2E".


"This year in Brazil opened a tender for a short-range air defense systems. In order to participate in it, we have presented a new system of "Tor-M2E" development and production of Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey",

 — Said the exhibition LAAD-2011 in Rio de Janeiro, head of the regional department, the head of the delegation of "Rosoboronexport" Sergei Ladigin.

In turn, the head of the military-technical cooperation Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" Ivan Zhmurko, noting that Brazilians offered the most modern domestic air defense missile systems, he added:

 "If you compare the features of these foreign systems, our complex looks more attractive."

Two years ago, during the air show "MAX" for foreign military experts have been organized demonstration firing "Tor-M2E", which was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Brazil.

"The same fire were carried out at the Kapustin Yar, a year ago. Shooting was conducted simultaneously on four objectives. They are all amazed. When this system was actually in automatic mode " — Said Ivan Zhmurko. According to him, other than Russia in this tender involving U.S., France and Israel.

AAMS "Tor-M2E" was established on the basis of the "Tor-M1E." According to its characteristics, it is much greater than the usual "Thor." First, it is not two-way, and four-channel system. "Tor-M2E" can fire simultaneously at four goals with four missiles, that is, to solve the problems that used to solve two sets of "Tor-M1E." In addition, a new air defense missile systems greatly enhanced noise immunity, the ceiling height is increased to 10 kilometers.

The system is characterized by high automation of the work, which reduced the size of its crew. If "Thor M1E" it consisted of three people, "Tor-M2E" serve two — the commander and operator. It was possible to significantly improve the efficiency of the new air defense missile systems, the number of tracked its objectives. An important advantage of "Tor-M2E" is that it can easily integrate into a variety of air defense systems, controlled by the S-300, S-400, "Antey-2500" and others.

"Tor-M2E" is mounted on the base car Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant. Compared with the AAMS crawler this car is much lighter in weight (about 30 tons). It has a variable ground clearance, allowing the complex combines high mobility off-road with great friendliness to the roads.

So vidoziki. "Thor" and the target side by side on max 2011.


"Torah" delivered to the families and friends of Belarus.



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And one very cute shpiyonsky teyp. True chassis is not only the Ming: there is also a classic)



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