Total joint replacement using a navigation system implemented in Ulan-Ude



Surgeons Hospital Semashko in Ulan-Ude, together with Moscow and Irkutsk specialists have successfully performed the first operation arthroplasty using a navigation system that allows you to work with microscopic precision.

New technologies in prosthetics can fully restore the lost function of the body and return the person to the full quality of life. Equipment costing more than 10 million rubles, allowing to monitor the progress of the operation on a monitor purchased under the federal program "Modernization of Health", aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of health care. In the navigation system includes sensors, sensors and a powerful computer to process data and derive results on the monitor.

"The new equipment ensures proper installation of a component of the prosthesis with microscopic precision, thus reducing potential medical errors, reduces the incidence of complications after joint replacement," — said the head of the trauma and orthopedic department Eugene Shigaev.

In medical circles, the navigation system is often referred to as the "gold standard" and the introduction of these technologies is certainly a milestone in the development of the service, said the surgeon.

Total joint replacement — one of the fastest growing trends in orthopedics and traumatology, which appeared in Buryatia, a few years ago, it needs a lot of patients. Only on 2012 260 scheduled operations, more than 1000 people are in the queue. At the hospital in an open mode the selection committee with representatives from the Ministry of Health to eliminate suspicion of abuse of a patient when installing the queue.

"If we can take on the operation, then we define the length of stay, if necessary — appoint additional examination. If we can not, we recommend that the federal clinics at various levels," — said the deputy chief doctor on high-tech medical aid hospital Anatoly Dmitriev.

Thus, in particular, was able to significantly reduce the waiting list for hip replacement. If at the beginning of the year prosthetic patients who have become registered at the beginning of 2009, but now came the turn of the waiting list in 2011. The situation for prosthetic knee joints more difficult — today operations are conducted for those patients who got registered in 2009, said a representative of the institution.

"All health care is provided at the expense of the republican and federal budgets. Republican budget a separate line item provides funding for high technology. This year allocated 97 million rubles, which allows you to receive additional funding from the federal government — it, too, has grown from 31 million rubles in 2011 is 66 million rubles in 2012, "- said the chief doctor of the hospital Eugene Ludupova.

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