Tourism in Evropy.vezde-risk …

If you are going to relax and enjoy the beauty overseas, we tend to think about the least possible trouble. But for every kind of scam operating in tourist areas, summer — the most "hot" it is time …   In Paris afraid "valentines", as in Istanbul — ATM You may encounter a rogue immediately upon arrival — as soon as you go to change money. After all, we’re taking the old fashioned way with a dollar, hoping for a place to exchange them for euros or any other national currency.

And the street moneychangers there just in time — perhaps you will find yourself in front of a closed door of the bank. In Italy and Spain it can be during a siesta, in Poland and France — Sunday, Israel — Saturday. How do foreign exchange scams in relation to the would-be customers? For example, rogue nedokladyvaet bill in a pack, transfers the money to you and looking at you with honest eyes, asks counted. You notice the slack, exaggeratedly loud offender apologizes, takes the money, once again recounts when you report to the bill, then folds in half and pack gives you back. As a rule, after the person in front of you as were killed because of their own negligence, and then consider the money you will not re-examine it. But expanding the pack you will find that in either paper or small bills — when folded in half crook replaced the banknotes. The most experienced "skladyvalschiki" work, according to Interpol, in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other countries in Eastern Europe as well as in Italy and Spain.  Another way — to divert the attention of the customer at the time of transfer of money. You start counting the money with an intelligent-looking money changer, suddenly appears next to a noisy crowd of Roma beggars or that pull you by the sleeve and asked to help financially. After a while, you will realize that such assistance is required already to you, because there will be no money, no documents in his pockets.  Underworld every season of "spoils" law-abiding tourists and police around the new types of fraud. This summer in Paris and Nice holiday pamper "valentines." To the heart, which traditionally give each other love on Valentine’s Day, this is unfortunately not the case. Rascal met in a cafe on a secular party with tourist, rubbed her trust between business and talks about his grandmother, cousin, sister-bride, who works in the famous fashion house. And — solely for the sake of the wonderful tourists — it is ready to negotiate about the incredible discounts on clothes with tags "Valentino" and "Dior". But these are exceptions — not by the rules, so you have to give him advance all the attributes of a credit card, and then, after a few days to drive up to such address … Where, as you know, trusting fashionista can not find a chic home. Or "valentine" can give a second method: bring in the hotel is really nice expensive items at discounted prices. And after the departure of a cheater in the branded bags you will find only rags. And experienced thieves choose their victims in the rich tourists, usually from the province: they have a lot of money and want to "show off" in front of friends.  Another trouble lies in wait for tourists — is pickpocketing. In Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic (especially in Prague), the Philippines and Thailand take care of their own pockets as the apple of his eye. Police experts estimated annually for the tourist season in London thieves pockets facilitate tourists about six to seven million pounds sterling, and Paris gets the order of 30-40 million euros. The most affordable places for an experienced pickpocket — is back trouser pockets, shoulder or waist bag and outside pockets. Tip: wear lightweight jackets and jackets with inside pockets, purses, "ksivniki" — on his neck. Seasoned travelers carry money in special flat purse, which under trousers fastened to the ankle, or in purses hanging on a cord under the shirt. And the view to undress in tourist shops, nobody will be surprised.  In Turkey are very common with credit card fraud. For example, you drop your card in the ATM, and he does not give her or money. The next day or after a few days you will of course receive a card in the bank, but often — with no money in the account. Even blocking bills will not stop the Turkish robbers.  In France and the countries of Latin America’s most popular form of robbery — to disrupt or camcorder bag thieves on motorcycles, and even bicycles. In Thailand, on the streets is not acquainted — a new friend you can mix a sleeping pill, and then coolly rob. A similar method used by criminals and Turkish. In the Czech Republic and Germany are cases when our emigrants, ostensibly eager to show former compatriot city hocus clonidine and robbed. Must be extremely careful in Arab countries our tourists. Slavyanki tremendous popularity in the UAE, Egypt and Turkey. And your new friend, the incredible beauty of dark and handsome, instead of a trip to the disco can bring you a completely different place. In these countries, women are often lost, replenishing, so sad statistics of sex slaves.  By the way, the main areas of risk in urban areas — is the subway, train stations, airports, markets and turn to museums, amusement parks and other entertainment events. Try to keep either group or tightly compress your bags.   Who will help the poor tourist?On arrival to the hotel everything of value, as well as passport and a return ticket should be put in the safe. With him wearing only a photocopy of your passport (just in case the two or three copies). Hiding documents in the recesses of his own organized in a hotel room is not necessary, it is best to use for this purpose his suitcase. The fact that the maid should inspect the items belonging to the hotel, and if necessary move when cleaning your personal belongings, but under no circumstances be allowed to open your suitcase.  If, however, you happened some misfortune, a kind of magic wand — this is your insurance policy. It should describe your actions as well as the contact phone numbers of foreign partners to your insurance company. In your call to be solved all the problems and will give you a full qualified help.  To protect themselves from theft by using traveler’s checks — this is the equivalent of money. In the banks that sell checks, you can buy any of their dignity and for any amount — the most common checks Thomas Cook, American Express. In another country, checks on changing money, and once for the local currency, avoiding the repeated exchange of money. When buying and selling bank paid a very small percentage. Having lost checks, you must immediately call the phone that will give the bank and no one will be able to get your money on checks.  In any case, if you ran out of money in a foreign country, it is necessary to call the travel agency, where we bought a tour. There is help, and even to pay for your international call. Or you can refer to the accompanying guide. Or, at least, to borrow a little money — before flying home — with travelers in your group. Another way out: to go to the embassy or consulate. There will not divide.

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