Tourmaline will supply equipment for oil waste incineration in the Komi

Two sets of thermal destruction (disposal) of waste incinerators based on IN-50 (750 and 1500 kg / h) will appear on Masterelskom and North Masterelskom fields (Komi Republic). The contract was signed between the equipment supplier JSC "Tourmaline" (St. Petersburg) and the oil company "Nephthys." Is engaged in the development of new fields of "Komnedra."  

Serve as fuel for incinerators associated petroleum gas (APG), which is formed during the drilling process. In the complexes will be destroyed drilling sludge, produced water, drilling mud and other waste oil. The setting will be able to utilize the benefit of 8 and 17 million cubic meters of associated gas per year, respectively. The equipment will be presented in container, which will install it on almost any area with a level concrete pad. As told Andrei Popkov, head of the gas projects of JSC "NC" Nephthys "," company ordered these complexes for the purpose of execution of the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 8, 2012 1148 On peculiarities of calculating fees for emissions of pollutants generated by burning in flares and (or) the dissipation of associated gas, which entered into force on 1 January 2013. "It should be noted that for JSC" Tourmaline "is the first project of this magnitude, which simultaneously solves two problems: the disposal of waste oil and beneficial use of associated gas in small and medium-sized fields.

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