Tours in Russia profitable European 3-10 times

Foreign media disinformation like to represent the Russian beggars who labor in vain and without prodyhu. Statistics, however, refutes this false confidence. Following previous calculations that the Russian other Europeans are buying more gifts for Christmas, and most of all spending on holiday abroad, came a new statistic. Across Europe, with complete success was the main cultural event of the year — Madonna’s concert tour. And what does the official report? At the sold-out tickets at a profit Russian 3-10 times Europeans.

Moreover, for all the European tour Madonna‘s concerts in Russia have become the most profitable per visitor / session. It looks really trouble the EU, once Madonna was forced to collect stadiums 60,000 people, and the ticket price set many times lower than in Russia (just as we have in 90 years engaged in "chesom"). Still, 19,000 Russian brought more profit than 36,000 of Brussels.

Moscow: 19,000 spectators — $ 4 million
Rome: 36000 — 2800000
Barcelona: 33000 — 3800000
Berlin: 25000 — 3600000
Copenhagen: 29000 — 2900000
Amsterdam: 29000 — 3700000
Brussels: 36000 — 3600000
Dublin: 34000 — 3000000

It looks like the most are the poor live in Austria and Poland:
Vienna: 33,000 spectators — only $ 1.9 million
Warsaw: 38,700 — 2.9 million
Total tour Madonna visited a million spectators who paid U.S. $ 115.7 million


PS. The article is not about the production, the EU just started selling washing powder bag for a single wash — Europeans are so impoverished that they can not buy a big pack. But this does not tell the media.

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