Tower RTC

Everyone who passed by Tikhoretsky or Svetlanovskaya Avenue in St. Petersburg, unwittingly drawn attention to a strange star-shaped structure with peaks of more than 70 meters in height, stretching upward, and the crowning tower antenna. It is a well-known tower RTC. It just so happens that this tower I’m connected to my childhood. I lived two blocks away from her, constantly stare when walking in the park "SOSNOVKA" I remember as a huge crane mounted the antenna on the basis of the then outlandish foreign trucks. The tower itself, due to the shape of the designs, reminiscent of the tower "из_одной_известной_трилогии" and inaccessibility has acquired many myths and rumors — of unprecedented technology, located in, or that she abandoned the 80’s and will soon collapse. Nevertheless, no one gave precise answers to many questions related to this structure. I tried to get there as early as 2009, in agreement with a member of staff, but my attempts were not successful, and now in 2012, we at the LJ user ignat_chernyaev and more notorious fellow hike in Office Durov, accidentally passing by the tower, realized that in order to be at the very top of it, you need to do, only a small jump and climb to the top.

Naturally, we had to climb up to walk through the inside of the tower, the volume of which is astounding. How many I leafed through the network, never ran across a photograph of the inside of the tower, they simply do not. There are a few photos of the manipulator (late 80’s) and a couple of aerial shots taken by climbers. The design of welded hollow, with no overlap in their place are the two kranbalki. 

Inside the large number of devices, a couple of rooms with equipment and appliances, to be honest that looked somewhat out of date.

And most importantly, there was a manipulator. Is this the arm that was designed for the space program, "Buran" — is unknown, but he was and looked perfectly workable.



Most was the lack of "the spirit of desolation," dust and disorder was not, all the lights work, the elevator to rise to the top tier — too. Feels like this place was like "Black Mesa" from the "half-Life", making this picture I was expecting the appearance of something beyond, the military, or at least of shouting — Stand!!

And yet the main purpose of a roof, or rather — not the roof, and the maximum available height of the tower. Rested on top of significant size antenna complex, near which there is not very much and wanted.

But curiosity got the.

But, as luck would have it, the weather turned bad, and the excitement for their health made quickly go down closer to the ground.

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