Track Harvesters Forester

Production of harvesters in Nizhny Novgorod organized JSC "Transport". Series "Forester" includes models designed for selective logging in and clearcut forests, limbing, bucking logs. In the off-season, these machines can be successfully used in the construction of an excavator as a forest roads in various regions of Russia.


Production is carried out using the harvester crawler excavator chassis Japanese firm Hitachi and Finnish harvester heads Lako Forest. Harvesters complement the modern system of measurement and control Motomit, while the process of cutting the barrel is based on advanced technology using standard Stanford and HKS, providing high efficiency of production processes. All cars produced by the company are equipped with satellite navigation and communication systems.

This allows professionals from the office logger monitor deforestation and have regular contact with the operator of the harvester. Harvesters "Forester" for the 12-hour period of the harvest up to 160 cubic meters. m assortment. Average fuel consumption over this period is 140 liters. To train operator working on the machine takes 7 days. Motoresurs art is defined in the 24 th mot-hour warranty is 1 year or 2 thousand mot-hour. The family harvesters "Forester" includes three models: LTM-6812-50, LTM LTM-6812 and 6820-saw cut with a maximum range of 850, 680 and 680 mm, respectively. The maximum diameter of the net delimbing these models root 750, 630 and 630 mm. Ground pressure is less than 0.48 kg/cm2, curb weight is 27.5, 21.5 and 19.5 tons in standard equipment includes: climate control, audio system, an excavator bucket, automatic fire extinguishing system control joystick protection system in accordance with modern requirements FOPS, FOGS and OPS for forest machines.

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