Tracks for oil

As part of the annual contract to supply spare parts for road-building equipment Chelyabinsk tractor builders completed the first shipment of upgraded track tapes of "Surgutneftegas".

Until the end of January to the oil and gas company will be shipped to 50 tracks for tractors and B-10 diesel-electric bulldozer production CTZ worth around eight million rubles. Deliveries will continue in the coming months.

Upgraded caterpillar tracks, for the first time ordered Surgutneftegaz, feature lubricated. Introduction lubricant reduces wear of these parts is more than four times. Also reduced operating noise is damped vibration felt by the driver. Resource caterpillars, on the contrary, grows by 30-40 percent, which is particularly sensitive when operating machinery on soils with a high content of abrasive.

This feature of the upgraded tapes attracted oilmen. Now they are preparing for the spring season. When the retreat of cold, road construction machinery, which are purchased tracks, re-deployed in the sand pits.

Produced with the help of bulldozers sand is used as a building material for road, construction of infrastructure facilities and gas deposits. But the technology is hydraulic fill used in quarries, leads to the appearance there of water-sand emulsion. For mining equipment is an unfavorable environment, it shortens the life of the machinery. Therefore, the customer has made a choice in favor of wear tracks.

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