Tractor AGROMASH-50TK became a top seller

Russian farmers are actively exploring new wheel tractor domestic production, which far exceed outdated production enterprises of the former USSR. Over 2011 sold more than one hundred and ten units of tractors "Agromach-50TK", and portfolio sales generated in the first half of 2012, suggesting further growth. Significant competitive advantage of this machine is its ability to work with any attachments with low operating costs. During his time on the market of agricultural machinery "Agromach-50TK" earned a reputation as a reliable, economical to operate, convenient and easy to manage the tractor. This model meets the requirements of drawbar category 0.9 and has two driving axles. The tractor is equipped with a four-stroke three-cylinder diesel engine with air cooling.

"AGROMASH" — Russian national brand of agricultural machinery products manufactured by enterprises under the control of the company "Concern" Tractor plants ".  

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