Tractor Plants has successfully brought to market Agromach tractor-90TG


Another new Machine-Building-Industrial Group "Concern" Tractor Plants "(included in the Machinery & Industrial Group NV) — Tractor" Agromach-90TG "successfully entered the market of agricultural machinery as the absolute leader among the machines designed to perform the process steps for growing rice. Being the successor of the popular model DT-75, "Agromach-90TG" has collected in itself as an innovative technology and the best of the technical and consumer characteristics of previous samples.

Tractor Agromach 90TG falls into drawbar category 3 and is designed to perform agricultural work of general purpose, such as plowing, subsurface tillage, chizelevanie, disking, peeling, cultivation, harrowing, rolling, combined treatment, sowing, etc. According to the head of OOO "Agromashholding" Asafatova NA, due to versatility, fuel efficiency, good working conditions and modern design crawler Agromach 90TG is widely used in various industries.

Peat modification of the tractor-Agromach 90TGA, Agromach-90TGS promptly won and retains to this day the title of the leader of the technique used in rice growing. It is designed for use on peat mining operations, manufacturing operations in rice growing in checks, as well as for light road earthmoving, material handling and reclamation operations on non-cohesive soils and wetlands.

Agromach 90TG can be aggregated from more than 95 different mounted, semi-mounted and trailed, including combined with hydraulic and agricultural machines and implements. Due to this, late model proven DT-75 "Agromach-90TG" is used in all types of rice-based works: when spreading manure and gypsum in saline soils, with plowing in checks, hoeing and plowing plowed fields, the destruction of weeds and cultivating close and during sowing of rice crops.

"Agromach-90TG" has a high operational capacity — 90-95 hp Manual transmission tractor in a variety of designs provides up to 23 forward and back to 7; speed — from 0.33 to 11.5 km / h Also unique machine is very maneuverable thanks to a single stage planetary gear rotation.

Running the tractor equalizer with elastic suspension provides the necessary smoothness and can be completed according to the wishes of the customer tracks with open metal hinges or joints with rubber belt rubber reinforced tracks.

In addition:

Technical characteristics of the tractor (standard)

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