Tractor plants have completed testing of the new crawler tractor AGROMASH 315TG (CHN 6)

October 28, 2011 has successfully completed testing of a prototype 300-horsepower crawler tractor AGROMASH 315TG (CS-6) thrust class 5, the production of "Promtractor" Cheboksary. Russia’s only model crawler tractor RUBBER different tracks, automatic transmission and comfort of the tractor at the expense of good sound insulation and climate control systems.


During the spring and summer 2011 tractor AGROMASH 315TG (CS-6) involved in the preparation of the soil for sowing of spring crops in the fields of large-scale production of "Vurnary meat."
This model is the quality of work can compete with similar agricultural machines of the leading international manufacturers.

The complex works to create long-term crawler tracks with rubber reinforced for tractor AGROMASH 315TG (CS-6) was conducted by leading design offices — LLC "GSKB on road systems", Cheboksary, JSC Research Institute of Steel Research Center NATI tractor. Proven advantage of the tractor — reducing the impact of sealing a crawler gear when driving on the ground, as well as more efficient use of tractors by increasing traction characteristics by the use of rubber reinforced tracks. In addition they allow to overtake a tractor from field to field on asphalt roads, while the steel tracks were not given such an opportunity. Already pre-test tractor AGROMASH 315TG (CS-6) have shown that the use of a triangular track mover bypass reduces the hardness of the soil by 14%.

However, the main feature of the CHN-6 — is the original design for the domestic machines running system. The triangular shape of the caterpillar bypass provides an optimal center of gravity and allows you to work effectively with heavy mounted and trailed farming tools without additional ballast weights, which are used in traditional designs. Navesosposobnost schemes with triangular crawler tractors Bypassed by an average of 1.9 — 2.4 times higher than in the same basic model.

Despite the fact that the tractor AGROMASH 315TG (CS-6) has successfully passed the state tests and approved for mass production, a team of designers Concern continues to work on the improvement of individual components and assemblies. That is why the "Tractor Plants" actively cooperate with the farms of Chuvashia, testing techniques in the real world and is actively working on proposals consumers.

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