Tractor Plants increase production volumes SISU engines in Vladimir

On the basis of "Vladimir Motor and Tractor Plant" (VMTZ) entering the Concern "Tractor plants", launched the second stage of the development center for the production of high-tech diesel engines.
Concern‘s partner is the company AGSO (USA). The basis of the lineup put products included in the AGSO Finnish company SISU.
As a result, the project must turn in Vladimir industrial assembly of engines ranging from 80 to 350 hp The maximum production capacity by 2015 should reach 20,000 units per year.

Main direction of the motors is their installation in the art product line of Concern "Tractor plants":
wheeled tractors produced by "Vladimir Motor and Tractor Works" (VMTZ)
crawler tractors of "Tractor Company" VgTZ "(Volgograd)
Harvesters production of "software" Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant "(Krasnoyarsk)
skidders produced by "Onega Tractor Plant" (Petrozavodsk) and JSC "Kraslesmash" (Krasnoyarsk)
telescopic lift production of "Promtractor" (Cheboksary)
tracked ATVs manufactured by JSC "Kurgan" (Kurgan).
In addition to domestic consumers to the highest SISU engines have already expressed an interest in other Russian engineering companies.
As of today, are ready and functioning capacities of the "first stage" (5480 m2), providing an annual output 3,000 units per year, and are working on preparing the area of the "second stage" of the project.
The first batch of Motor complects 4 and 6-cylinder engines and 44DTA 74DSBAE arrived in Vladimir in 2009. The units were used for the certification, then — as prototypes for new technology Concern. It is now gone adaptive tests and got the approval of prototypes tractors "AGROMASH 85 TC" (Vladimir) and "AGROMASH 90 TG" (Volgograd), is working to adapt tractors "Onezhets 300" (Petrozavodsk) and "TT-4M" (Krasnoyarsk ) with engines produced by "AGCO GTC."
At the same time searches for manufacturers of components in Russia within the framework of localization of production. Preliminary results was a list of engine parts (50 items), which are approved for localization in Russian companies (LLC "VMTZ", "Promtractor", "Cheboksary Aggregate Plant", JSC "TK" VgTZ ", etc.). The first batch of ready-made samples of components has been sent to Finland for testing.
To ensure the required output of the "first line" in the implementation of the investment project created jobs, including both technical staff and of production workers. In May and June 2009, technicians and assemblers led by trained technical director at the company AGCO Sisu Power in Finland (Linnauvori), where mastered the technology of the engine assembly and detailed studies of the processes to ensure the quality of their production.
In parallel with the establishment of production, together with a specialized company "Tractor plants" — Open the "Tools Industrial Machinery", which has a network of service centers throughout Russia, formed a technical and material resources to provide after-sales service engines.

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