Tractor Plants project to start production of robotics

February 22, 2011 in Moscow Machine-Building-Industrial Group "Concern" Tractor plants "has signed a framework agreement on the implementation of large-scale robotic production sites holding.
The partners of the concern in the implementation of the plans division of the Japanese company began FANUC (»FANUC Robotics Europe" and "FANUC Robotics Russia").
The implementation of the 5-year project of Concern "Tractor plants" to increase production by 3 times, involves the introduction of robotics in the process proizvdstva, member of the Bureau of the Central Council, "Russian Engineering Union", President of the machine-building-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants "Michael Bolotin. At the signing ceremony, he said that "cooperation with Japan’s FANUC would" Tractor Plants "to achieve this goal."
In accordance with the contract, "Tractor Plants" will have access to the know-how and the best technologies from the world’s leading integrator of high technology. The subject of this agreement includes not only the provision of a variety of preferences for the supply of robots, but also provide full technical support from technology integrators. Russian experts have access to all the learning resources will be required and training programs when working with complicated equipment.
The key points of the company will perform in collaboration railway and engineering direction of the industrial group. In the first place, robotics touches production sites Promtraktor, SAREX and Promtractor cars. Robotics will be applied in the implementation of welding, painting, bending and manipulation, which will improve the accuracy and quality of work with the items to reduce the consumption of materials and significantly speed up the production process. With the help of robots "FANUC" on one of the high-tech production facilities "Tractor plants" — JSC "Promtractor Wagon" — will be put in place complex drobometnyh works.

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