Tractor Plants released a new modification of the harvester Yenisei 1200

Machine-Building-Industrial Group "Concern" Tractor plants "continues to replenish its line of agricultural machinery with new and modernized products.

In the period from September 2010 to January 2011 some of the design units of Russia’s largest manufacturer — Krasnoyarsk Design and Engineering Institute of Technology combine harvester (PKTI COP) designed a newer modification risouborochnogo harvester "Yenisei 1200RMG" instead of the outdated model of "Yenisei 1200 RM".

"Yenisei 1200 RM" — the previous model of the plant

In the upgraded processor applied serial thresher wheel harvester "Yenisei 1200" in risouborochnom performance, but set a new track cart joint development with the Chief Special Design Bureau for running gear (GSKB cholesterol, Cheboksary), another KB Machine-Building-industrial group. Also finalized serial bridge drive wheels of production Kurgan, also a member of the "Tractor Plants".

As the Director — General Designer PKTI KS Alexander Zinoviev, "the work done quickly. For the quality of design work involved in leading Russian design bureau for track-mounted systems, and the Group’s other businesses. In the short time made the original parts, components chassis and powertrain. Russian machine builders succeeded in a very, quickly put on the conveyor new model in demand in the roar of agricultural machinery. As a result, farmers will be presented to the familiar, but more perfect machine at a very affordable price. "

Design documentation manufacturing plants received in January 2011, and in May launched the combine factory testing. Joint efforts, including weekends and holidays, a team of small series of workshops and designers PKTI work has been done on fine-tuning the design axle. Six weeks harvester was tested in the amount of 350 hours in an accelerated program modes excess load factor of 3-4 compared to the usual conditions.

For many regions of the Russian tracked harvesters are the only alternative for harvesting on water-saturated soils. Included in the tractor business group Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant is a leading domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of this type of technology.

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