Tractor Plants will make up for the deficit of import-substituting products TPA

Trading company "CHETRA — Accessories and spare parts" (CHETRA-KZCH) today announced the availability of foundry enterprises included in the engineering-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants ", to increase the production of cast components for the needs of domestic manufacturers of pipe fittings (TPA).
The exhibition "PCVEXPO-Ural-2011" held in early March 2011 in Yekaterinburg, specialists leading domestic manufacturers of injection molding machines featured more than 2,000 titles range of components, production of which has already been spent on the foundries holding.
According to experts, the domestic market of valves for more than half made up of foreign-made products, which puts the Russian construction companies as well as companies involved in repair and maintenance of pipelines, directly dependent on suppliers from abroad.
Production facilities "Concern" Tractor plants "now available to allow you to meet the needs of manufacturers of injection molding machines, according to the official statement of the concern. The holding enterprises make stamping flange hull pieces and other components on presses up to 10 tons, and is made case molding for injection molding machines weighing up to 300 kg with the most advanced technologies (sand casting, investment casting, molding by vacuum film forming, low-pressure casting, injection molding with crystallization).
In a dialogue with the participants of the exhibition specialists CHETRA-KZCH received by domestic producers of injection molding applications forged blanks for high-pressure valves, lightweight alloy housing blanks for general industrial valves and hull molding of abrasive-resistant manganese steel. In the near future the company will provide specialists CHETRA-KZCH designers and foundries drawings and specifications for the procurement. The increase in output will enable Russian producers of injection molding machines to compete with companies from Italy and China.

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