Trade surplus rose by almost a quarter in the I quarter of 2012.

Positive trade surplus Russia in January-March 2012. amounted to 62.7 billion dollars, 23.9% more, than the same period last year, said the Federal Customs Service.

Russia’s foreign trade turnover grew by 15.9% and amounted to almost $ 200 billion (including data on trade with Belarus and Kazakhstan). Most of this is accounted for by foreign countries, the trade turnover with which increased by 18.8% — to 171.5 billion U.S. Trade with CIS countries increased by 1.2% — to 28.4 billion dollars

Meanwhile exports of the Russian Federation for the period totaled 131.3 billion dollars and in comparison with the same period in 2011. increased by 17.7%. Most of the supplies necessary for foreign countries — U.S. $ 112.6 billion (+21.1%), the CIS countries — 18.7 billion dollars (0.8%).

The basis of Russia’s exports to non-CIS countries accounted for fuel and energy products, whose share in the commodity structure of exports was 74.3%. Exports of these products to the CIS countries was 63.3%, which is 2.8% higher than in January-March 2011.

Meanwhile, Russia’s imports in the first three months of this year amounted to 68.6 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 12.6%. In this case, the supply of foreign countries reached 58.9 billion dollars (14.6%), from CIS countries — $ 9.7 billion (+2.0%).

In the structure of imports from foreign countries at a fraction of machinery and equipment accounted for 51.6% (in January-March 2011. — 46.6%). In the structure of imports from CIS countries the share of machinery and equipment accounted for 38.0% (in January-March 2011. — 29.6%).

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