Traffic police fines: the absolute record

  The number of parking fines collected in Moscow last month, exceeding the results of the past year. As reports"Rossiyskaya Gazeta", like was made possible thanks to the automatic video recording of violations, including mobile systems — the so-called "Parkon."

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In total for the first seven months of this year in the capital, all appliances photo and video recording was found more than 1,250,000 violations of more than 612 million rubles. Thus, the average fine for Moscow was about 500 rubles.

At the same time, Moscow — is not the only region where the drivers were getting "chain letters," much more often than before. The leaders in the use of cameras to detect traffic violations are also St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Krasnodar, Moscow and Leningrad region.

In the traffic police indicate that the number of violations has increased not only because of increases in penalties, but because of the fixation of the so-called "latent violations." The fact that the conventional inspector can stop one or two intruders, and a dozen this time will pass undetected. With cameras this trick will not work.

To those who doubt the presence of at penalties, State Automobile Inspectorate recommends that you use the site or the public services come with a passport in the traffic police department in the community. But the services of all kinds of Internet sites is not recommended: the traffic police official will never database on offenders, so the accuracy of such information in question.

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In this case, Dmitry Leibov, Assistant General Administration of Road Safety Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, said that the main task of the service traffic police — to make traffic as safely as possible: "It is important not huge amounts collected from fines to the budget. We would be happy if these penalties would not be at all — it would mean that citizens are law-abiding and strictly adhere to the requirements of traffic. "

"Instill a culture of behavior on the road in two ways: the conviction and punishment — continues Dmitry Leibov. — And when the first method, in a question has already been used to the maximum, will come to the second. You do not want to listen to in the good — will have to answer for their actions, and respond harshly. No country could think of nothing else. Take as an example of seat belts. A lot of people before they fastened? And now? The difference is obvious. Take over-tinted glasses. Many who used to stay that it is forbidden? And now? Feel the difference. The same goes for excessive speed. Following the introduction of video recording of traffic violations, drivers, and it is noticeable to the naked eye, are already beginning to fear in an unfamiliar area "scorcher", as they fear to "get the shot" and get a "chain letter".

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