Trailer KAMAZ Inc. has developed new types of vehicles

May 25. Subsidiary "KAMAZ" in Stavropol — OJSC "Trailer KAMAZ Inc." starts production of new types of trailers with improved consumer properties.

So, already completed the preparation for the production of dump tractor trailers SZAP-8521 and HARQ-8582 load capacity of 12 tons.

Serial production of the modernized semi HARQ-9328M curtain design. The first samples of this model have already found their buyers.

First industrial batch dump truck HARQ-35172 side-tipping on KAMAZ-65115 dump truck and trailer SZAP-8582 with a centrally arranged axes.

In addition, the designers of the enterprise spetsnastroyki developed on the basis of KAMAZ-65117 and KAMAZ-65115-grain trucks and trailers — HARQ-6385, 63851-HARQ, HARQ and HARQ-83053-8357. All they need to replenish after the test range of "Trailer KAMAZ Inc." and go into mass production.

Designed, certified and manufactured prototype semi-transporter HARQ-9080 for transportation of trailers and truck chassis.

Construction of a vehicle design HARQ-4390-43901 and HARQ on KAMAZ-65117 and KAMAZ-65115 with a loader crane.

The experience of the company and the availability of qualified personnel ensure the reliability and safety of the operation of the machinery. The plant is constantly working to upgrade and improve the design of manufactured and semi-trailers and the creation of new types of vehicles for the needs of the Russian economy.

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