Trailer KAMAZ Inc. has upgraded power supply

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Year energy healing subsidiary of "KAMAZ" in Stavropol — JSC "Trailer KAMAZ Inc." — you can call 2011.

In the last year of "Trailer KAMAZ Inc." mastered investment in energy development in the amount of more than 16 million from its own funds. Among the activities undertaken — the reconstruction and modernization of the power plant to the reduction of transformer capacity from 23.5 to 8.1 megawatts and laying a new cable line from the substation "North" to the central distribution point (6 kV) of the plant. This allows you to save energy and provide a sustainable energy plant.

In addition, built and put into operation a new boiler capacity of 2 megawatts, repaired heating systems and heating systems AAK-2, 3-ABA.

Also works on the reconstruction of power plants providing color technology. Applied heat exchangers and gas infrared heaters with high efficiency and reliability. Room lighting color is highly economical LED lights.
Today the company is actively working to replace the water lines inside the body with the use of plastic pipes, which will significantly reduce the cost of water supply.

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