Tral-D system has successfully passed the state exam

The new automated digital system of communication "Tral-D", developed for the strategic level in the Armed Forces "Concern" Constellation ", has completed the passage of state tests.   The system was tested in the army and showed using a high efficiency, the press service of the Concern "Constellation". "In fact, it is a complex command and control, — the chief designer of the development, the head of STC" strategic link "Concern SS Ferenets. — The new software enables equipment without material cost to increase the capacity of existing military lines of communication." Inclusion complex of the general communication system Forces can increase traffic is 10 times, while not affecting the communication lines themselves. The automated digital system "Tral-D", developed in the "Constellation", provides information support to military operations on a completely new level. For example, all known possibilities of information transfer is now added electronic document. "This is a modern digital communications system that provides the reliability and efficiency of interaction of units" — says a representative of the military unit where the trial took place, PO Nikonorov. Development commissioned by the Russian Defense Ministry was conducted for 8 years. This indicates the level of complexity of the system, as well as the urgent need for its implementation in the armed forces. Concern over the implementation of the project has worked in cooperation with the 16 defense companies across the country. Following the success of the state tests next step is production. Delivery of the new automated digital communication system to the troops planned in 2013.

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