Trams XXI century


Considering the current global trends, the rejection of topping the rings in order to save space, facilities, Branch Tram Repair Plant "TRZ" SUE "Mosgortrans" designed and manufactured by six tram trains Tatra T-3 Series MTTA-2 to work on dead-end lines. These consist of two train wagons linked by a system of many units of the rear ends. Thus, the cab drivers "look" in different directions according to the principle of underground. Trams also have access to both the right and on the left side. The compositions have pantographs polupantografami company «Lekov» 1 EPDE 16-2600 electric. Heating cab heater is designed "TRZ". The remote has an additional "bodies" and display such as static converter control, self-contained way, polupantografom. Also in the cabin air conditioning. The car is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system ASOTP. The lighting in the cabin is made on the basis of fluorescent lamps. Each car is equipped with a complete set of electrical equipment "EPROTET." Inside 22 seats, there are devices for people with disabilities.

These trains arrive from our factory in the tram depot name AD Bauman, where it is supposed to use on the restored line on Forest Street.

Tram Repair Plant "TRZ" was established in October 1976 on the basis of one of the oldest transport companies in Moscow — Tram depot. Kirov.

Since its foundation to the present time the main activity of the plant is a major overhaul of tram cars of various types, such as Tatra T-3, 71-605, 71-608K, 71-608KM, snowplows GS-4 and VTK-01, as well as production spare parts for tram cars for enterprises operating in Moscow and other Russian cities.

One of the areas of production activities of the plant is also carrying out modernization of tram cars of various types. The plant-based wagons T-3 commercial production and provided production of modernized trams with a new, improved, traction drive control system (such as MTTCH, MTTA and others). Modernization of trams T-3 began in 1999. During this time produced 189 cars of different series with different designs, the ability to work on multiple-unit, and, basically, traction motor.

In 2008, the plant produced three-piece street car CT-3 with a reduced level of the floor to ensure the transport of wheelchair users. In 2009, released the tram car "Vario LF" with a variable level of the floor and the control system of alternating current (trolley tram car "Vario LF" — enhanced with extra cushioning).

In recent years, it was reconstructed industrial complex of the plant, which included the organization of a thread-production line for washing, sanding, fitting and performing welding work at different levels and body painting of repaired cars. This has significantly improved the quality and reduce the work terms.

Branch Tram Repair Plant "TRZ" SUE "Mosgortrans"

111033, Moscow, ul. Volochaevskaya, 9

Phone: 8 (495) 362-80-96, fax: 8 (495) 362-80-96

Human Resource Department: 8 (495) 362-84-21


Branch Director — Dual Victor P.

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