Trans-Siberian Express (hotel on wheels)

Trans-Siberian Railway (Moscow — Vladivostok) — the longest train route in the world. Distance 9288 km. "Golden Eagle" is the most luxurious and expensive train in Russia. The train and the road is quite worthy of each other.

Steam locomotive removed for handouts, really lucky locomotive it :) Otherwise, the tourists would be covered with soot. Express-it’s just for the beauty, the train is going slowly with stops for sightseeing. "Golden Eagle" makes long stops at the most interesting points of the route where there are guided tours — in Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan- Ude, Ulan Bator (the train is in transit through Mongolia) and Khabarovsk. The ends of the route Moscow and Vladivostok are also included in the excursion.

On the train, two restaurants:

One of the restaurants in the evening turns into a cinema

The train has a car club

Tables with couches for conversation, a game of chess or cards. The club has a mini-bar, miniblioteka. In the evening, the winner of international awards for playing classical piano

In a separate train car-kitchen where everything is prepared and wagon depot. The products of the path is not purchased.

Coupe two types of "gold" and "silver" class. They differ only in the size of the shower room.

Each compartment shower, toilet, hair dryer, wardrobe, video player. Bottom shelf of increased width (half-) 90cm Toilets closed system and can be used on a heated ceramic floor stops

Travel time along the Baikal organized a picnic in the air

The best place to watch with a glass in his hand for pictures of nature running through the window of our Express. In the bar you will find a wide range of soft and alcoholic drinks. The best classic and signature cocktails by professional bartenders.

There is a car for at Class NEW HERITAGE — eight coupes (for the resettlement of the tour leaders, lecturers, translators, doctors, pianist, etc) There is a car with an electric generator, which provides electricity to the magnificence of it all. All cars (and design) are developed and manufactured in Russia.

Train "Golden Eagle" in the top ten of the world of trains. Tickets for his rasskupleny year and a half ahead

The same company owns another train Grand Trans Siberian Express train is made in a similar way, but use different design of the restaurant. Both trains go not only to Vladivostok via Mongolia, but also in China through Central Asia along the Silk Road Velikov. On the train there is a similar name Grand Express , which runs from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

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