Trans-Technologies received a patent for a biologically active wound covering

Wound dressings and bandages — the rapidly evolving field of medicine.

There have already been published about Vladivostok and Tomsk, and today the news from St. Petersburg.

In May 2011, St. Petersburg biotech company "Trans-Technologies" group of companies Alcor Bio received a patent for "Biologically active wound covering".

In fact, the present invention — a new, improved version of the artificial human skin, the main difference that the product of its precursors — in the absence of skin cells.

The history of this innovative product began in 2006, when the company "Trans-Technologies" have begun to develop an early version of the wound dressing "Neoskin". For product "Neoskin" was established isolation, purification and cultivation of various human skin cells. In addition, it launched production of collagen from calf skin. At the end of 2008, "Neoskin" has been clinically tested and is ready for registration. Clinical trials "Neoskina" showed that its use in treatment of people with severe thermal injury can significantly reduce the time of recovery of the skin, reduce the incidence of complications of burn disease, reduce the length of hospital stay due to the acceleration of wound healing, especially in the critical size of burns. There have been cases where the application of this biologically active dressings help save people who burn area reached 70 per cent of the body surface. Besides "Neoskin" has proved effective in the treatment of venous ulcers: often started delayed, heal sores almost hopeless, the site of necrosis appeared islands living tissue.

But for a patent the company "Trans-Technologies" in the case of a wound covering "Neoskin" not filed. The fact that the principle on which is built the product, not original, it has long been patented in the West. Such techniques have been successfully used for decades overseas in burn treatment.

Product Innovation "Biologically active wound coating" is that the bandage — double, while the lower layer — consists of a solid microbial cellulose. The second layer is used collagen gel. But the active principle, i.e. a factor that initiates cell growth burn patient may serve here as human skin cells and blood cell lysate — platelets. The use of platelets as part of a bandage — an approach, of course, new. Its advantage is that the platelet lysate in the dressing has a more prominent healing effect than skin cells. The fact that the content of growth factors in wound covering platelet lysate than in a material with skin cells. For lysate can use expired blood platelets, which can no longer be enforced by blood.

The company plans to "Trans-Technologies" — pre-clinical studies, "biologically active wound dressing."

St. Petersburg company "Alcor Bio" was created in 1992 from scratch.
Over the years the Russian market "Alcor Bio" has formed around the largest in the Northwest biotech cluster Alcor Bio, which today comprises 12 companies.


The main companies in the group now Alcor Bio, still remains the company "Alcor Bio", the domestic leader in the design and manufacture of diagnostic test kits for laboratory diagnosis.
Member of the group company "Trans-Technologies" specializes in the study of the biology of human stem cells. On the basis of the experimental data specialists are developing new methods for the treatment of various diseases using stem cells.
Ltd. "Diagnostic Centres" Alcor Bio ", a member of the group of companies that provides the population of St. Petersburg laboratory diagnostic services.
The company "Vega", also a member of the biotech cluster, has incorporated the research structure created in "Alcor Bio." This company is comprised of laboratories engaged in the development of diagnostic products.
Part of the holding company "gene" is specialized in the development of diagnostic test kits for molecular genetic studies, including determining genetic predisposition to various socially significant diseases.
Ltd. "Alcor Finance" provides financial and consulting services to companies that are part of the holding structure.
Alcor Bio Group produces online magazine "Commercial Biotechnology", whose main purpose is to promote the development and commercialization of Russian biotechnology.

Among the companies in the North-West region, working in the field of medical biotechnology, a group of companies Alcor Bio is the most technologically advanced, as evidenced by the group of companies implemented the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.
Each year, a group of companies Alcor Bio produces over 200,000 sets of reagents for more than 60 titles, most of them have the CE mark-quality label European Union. The group companies have Alcor Bio ten patents in the field of oncodiagnostics, diagnosis of hepatitis C virus, according to the methods of treatment using stem cells severe fractures, periodontal disease, and mental retardation.
All diagnostic preparations produced by a group of companies Alcor Bio, registered and certified Roszravnadzorom.
At present, the company group Alcor Bio are developing about forty innovative projects in the fields of biochemistry, molecular and genetic diagnostics, etc. The total investment in these projects is 20 million. Almost all of the scientific development of the underlying projects have a world novelty, and they filed patent applications. Most of the innovative projects of Alcor Bio develops at the expense of equity.

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