Transas has equipped ferries for freight wagons to order the Croatian shipyard


The company "Transas" successfully completed its work under the contract signed c shipyard ULJANIK Brodogradiliste,  the supply of equipment for the two vessels of the project 11611-A.

As part of the contract "Transas" rigged two ferries to transport railcars complex radio and navigation equipment, which consisted of GMDSS-orudovanie, radar (radar equipment), ECDIS (electronic chart display and information system), gyrocompass, magnetic compass, AIS (Automatic Identification System), log, echo sounder, and the steering apparatus control system and other systems.

The installed equipment will significantly improve the safety of navigation and to reduce the risk of shipping accidents.

Vessels of 154.8 m and a width of 17.5 meters will have two engine production Uljanik-MAN B & W, which can reach speeds of 14.5 knots free running. The total capacity of the ship — 54 wagons.

Ferries built in Croatia, a shipyard Uljanik, Pula, commissioned Azerbaijan State Caspian Shipping Company. For the "Transas" this is not the first experience with Uljanik Brodogradiliste. Earlier in 2004-2006. Transas navigation equipment fitted the four similar vessel.

"A distinctive feature of this project is the use of restraint systems on the trajectory of the vessel anchored on NS4000 ECDIS production company" Transas "- said sales manager Evgeny Semenov. "The high quality of the project and the presence of positive evaluations of our work on the part of the plant-builder allows us to hope for continued cooperation with the Croatian shipyard and other projects. "

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