Transas introduced a new technology platform simulator


At the working meeting of representatives of "Transas" and OOO "Gazprom Neft Shelf," a demonstration of the new development "Transas" — a simulator technology platform.

This equipment is intended for testing operations directly related to the extraction of oil resources in the preparation of oil for transportation, oil storage tanks in the caisson and its periodic shipment on tankers.

In the simulator technology platform modeled following mechanisms and systems:
— A system of storage and offloading;
— Seawater system;
— The system of separation of oil;
— Gas compression system;
— The system of absorbing gas;
— The system of fuel gas;
— Produced water disposal system;
— The system of training of ballast water prior to use for deployment;
— The system of water injection to maintain reservoir pressure maintenance;
— The behavior of the well;
— A system of well heads.


In addition, the possibility of integration with other technological solutions "Transas" oil and gas patterns (such as workplace trainer and trainer driller naval component of semi-submersible drilling platform) to create a single interactive learning environment.

The new simulator technology platform is a part of an integrated set of "production-Shelf", designed to train professionals for the development of the continental shelf and includes sea-based systems trainers, simulators points of shipment and Arctic-class tankers.

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