Transas modernize one of the objects of the Kerch Strait VTS

Transas specialists have made upgrading the radiolocation station (RLS), which is part of the Regional Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) of the Kerch Strait. As a result of modernization could improve the accuracy and reliability of radar pilotage, which is essential to ensure the safety of navigation and environmental responsibility in the area of CUDS.

Mounted on an automatic radar post (ARTP) "Tuzla" modern radar with a 18-foot antenna and radar data processing system of the latest generation of fully complies with international and national requirements for VTS equipment of the highest category. Radar data from the radar to the Centre in the port VTS control the Caucasus, where they are processed together with data from other radar systems and sensors are displayed on the map display of operator modules and terminal operators authorized external users. The data from all the sensors of the system, including data VHF operators negotiations with the courts, simultaneously recorded to allow later playback and analysis.

Regional system of the Kerch Strait VTS — by far one of the most modern and multi-functional integrated coastal systems. VTS includes 7 automatic radio stations connected to a control center in the port of Kavkaz using microwave links. ARTP is placed on the radar equipment, base stations Automatic Information System (AIS), remotely operated VHF radio, turning the TV and thermal imaging cameras. 

About 160 coastal vessel traffic management systems (VTS) produced by "Transas" ensure safe navigation in 90 ports of 50 countries.

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