Transas simulator training center MITI

Crane Simulator production "Transas" is set in TRAINING "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port". At the request of the formulation of new functionality to the system.

In TRAINING "Murmansk Commercial Sea Port" is set simulator crane model "Stork". This simulator is designed for practicing all basic operations with timber cargo, containers, and a variety of bulk cargoes.

A feature of this project was the use of government real crane, while usually in simulators using standard hardware. In addition, the company commissioned by the experts of the company "Transas" has developed a new area of exercise — Murmansk sea port. This will help future operators of cranes in great detail study the equipment and the environment in which they will work afterwards.

In the future we plan to develop additional functionality of the simulator, such as the imitation of the work with the help of a magnetic capture. In addition to this will be improved visualization of details that will ensure the most realistic reproduction of the environment.

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