Transas will hold a second stage of conversion icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsin

The company "Transas" won the tender for the execution of work on the second phase of conversion of diesel-powered icebreaker "Kapitan Dranitsin."

The first phase of renovation navigation and communications systems of the vessel is also made by experts of the company. As part of the agreement "Transas" will produce a complete redesign of navigation equipment icebreaker:

* Install modern navigation and communication,
* Equip a wide range of specialized equipment for ice breakers including a radar unit, accurately displaying the ice conditions around the ship, allowing you to run the best route
* Equips electronic chart display and information system Navi-Sailor 4000 production of "Transas" with a set of electronic maps of the northern seas,
* Equip the sensors of the GLONASS system and a powerful communication system.

The installed equipment will provide safe and efficient maneuvering of the vessel, making it easier to navigate the most difficult ice conditions.

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