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Tibetan mystics — people reticent. Those who have students use them for special training techniques, where it occupies little space. The description of their curious methods is beyond the scope of this paper.

Suffice it to note here that the disciples of hermits, spectators rarely see their teachers, at longer intervals. Duration gap is due to the degree of success of the student or his spiritual needs, and of the latter can only judge a teacher. From meeting to meeting with the teacher held for months or even years. However, despite this separation, when the circumstances so require, the teacher and the students (mainly the most spiritually advanced of them) are able to communicate with each other. In the secret teachings of Tibetans, as one of its sections, and includes telepathy. They believe telepathy science amenable to study, like any other science. It can engage all who have received the necessary training and have the appropriate skills to apply theory to practice. To master the technique of telepathy recommended different methods. But the Tibetan adepts of the secret teachings unanimously attributed the root cause of this phenomenon is very intensive, reaching to the trance of concentration of thought.

Basics of learning to students of telepathy can be succinctly summarized as follows.

Passivated you need to perform all the exercises that cause a trance at a concentration of mind on a single object as long as the subject is merged with the object.

Need to be equally trained in performing additional exercises, such as: "devastate" the consciousness of all mental activity, creating in him the silence and perfect peace.

Followed by the identification and analysis of diverse phenomena that cause sudden and apparently inexplicable mental and physical sensations, special states of consciousness: joy, sadness, fear, and, in addition, unexpected memories of persons, objects, events, did not seem to have any connection with the actual thoughts or actions of man, in whose memory they float.

Once a student practicing this way for several years, it is allowed for joint meditation teacher. The two are locked in a quiet, poorly lit room and focus their thoughts on the same subject. At the end of the exercise the student informs the teacher all the phases of his meditation, the various ideas that have arisen in its process, subjective view. These data are compared with the moments of meditation teacher: similarities and differences are marked.

In the next step the student, knowing nothing about the subject of meditation teacher, is trying to prevent the emergence of thoughts in your mind, to create a vacuum and watch it suddenly appearing thoughts, feelings, views, seemed alien to his own interests and views. Incurred by the student during the exercise ideas and images are analyzed Lama again, comparing them to what he thought inspired the student during the session ….


















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