TransMashHolding commenced delivery of comfortable cars designed for employees of the service road Railways

The cars escort the special rolling stock models 61-4483 and 61-4484 are designed and manufactured to Tver Carriage Works (JSC "SEZ" is included in ZAO "Transmashholding") at the request of the Department of ways of JSC "Russian Railways" in 2011.


The first batch of six cars of model 61-4483 shipped to the customer in the Thursday, November 24, and the second batch of twelve cars of model 61-4484 — November 30.

The cars escort the special rolling stock (PCA) are designed for operation in the freight trains on sections of 1520 mm, regardless of whether this is electrified or non-electrified railway section. They are used for placement of the train crew or repairers of 4, 6 or 8 people, providing them with a comfortable environment for work and leisure.

The cars are equipped with the service and emergency lighting, fire fighting, water supply, heating and air conditioning. They provide two-and four-coupe, workshop, domestic room with shower and hot water system, toilet, closet, clothes dryer and a kitchen-dining room, equipped with modern appliances: refrigerator, electric stove, microwave. In the carriages PCA also provides for on-board power supply diesel generator set, which will provide for an autonomous existence of the car and use it to work in a variety of climatic conditions.

The car model 61-4483, intended to accompany the batching hopper trains, in addition to all the above features also indicated diesel compressor, which is used during automated unloading wagons. That is, the PCA wagons equipped to ensure that the conditions of work and residence railroad crews met the requirements of the twenty-first century.

The real need in the coaches on the ATP Russian Railways is very high — at the present time as escort wagon operated about 8,500 pieces of equipment, which is an end-of-life of their passenger cars, adapted for this purpose during the overhaul and refurbishment. According to the contracts concluded before the end of the Tver Carriage Works will give JSC "Russian Railways" A total of 43 special car maintenance of rolling stock.

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