TransMashHolding increased sales by 30%

Total sales of ZAO "Transmashholding" and its member companies made in January — September 2011, 74 billion — a 30% increase over the same period in 2010 (57.2 billion).


Especially noticeable increase in sales of hopper cars by 19% (from 1592 until 1884 units), diesel locomotives by 72% (from 64 to 110 sections), diesel generators by 29% (from 275 to 354 pieces).

The largest consumer products holding company in 2011 remained rail operator — JSC "Russian Railways". Supplies were also carried out on the internal commercial market (hopper cars, locomotives, diesel engines, traction machines, accessories) and for export (locomotives, diesel generators, subway cars, accessories). TransMashHolding first started exporting diesel trains (DP-C, designed to order Railways of Serbia).

In 2011 TransMashHolding first introduced the first in the history of the Russian transport machine building high-speed two-system passenger electric locomotive EP20, new cars escort cargo and commercial trains. The development of the TEM TMH shunting locomotives, wagons and started production model 12-3090. Completed work simultaneously on two new modifications of electric ÝÄ4Ì.

After assembly of the prototype innovative mainline freight electric AC 2ES5, which is created in conjunction with strategic partner TransMashHolding — French company Alstom Transport. Work has begun on a promising two-story train.

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