Transmashholding is working on a shunting locomotive with dvuhdizelnoy installation

ZAO "Transmashholding" plans to acceptance and certification test and start series production of shunting locomotives with TEM33 dvuhdizelnoy installation by 2012.
Now experts "TransMashHolding" working on a locomotive with dvuhdizelnoy installation.
Dvuhdizelnaya locomotive plant, consisting of two modular diesel generators, will significantly reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions of harmful substances into the environment. Equip two diesel locomotives will provide for the necessary work of the locomotive at a lower capacity, or, alternatively, use the opportunity of two diesels.
The new shunting locomotive with a capacity of 1,300 hp created on the vehicle-part series shunting locomotive TEM 18DM, produced by Bryansk Engineering Plant (part of the "TransMashHolding"). The design of the locomotive is assumed to use a microprocessor control system, an electronic fuel control system. Locomotive will be equipped with the new unit, which will improve the conditions of work for the locomotive, with plans to install new panels and a heating system.

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