Transparent displays — a new solution for trading and advertising

Transparent LCD-displays are a new type of visual display products.
Their fundamental difference is that the consumer sees not only display information but also items that are beyond the screen like a normal glass.
In 2011, the company Samsung has introduced three models of transparent displays: color and monohoromny 22 "color 46". The displays can display images of high resolution 1680×1050 (22 ") and 1366×768 (46") have a high enough static contrast (500:1 to display 22 "1000:1 to display 46", light weight (weight of the display 46 "of 4, 9 kg) are very thin (thickness 46 "display, 8.1 mm).
The scope of the transparent LCD-display — this is commercial refrigerators with transparent door-displays, vending machines with advertising and information display cases, "smart" window-shopping, etc. With the help of transparent displays can also be made non-standard solutions of interiors.
The important features of these displays is unlimited service life and extremely low energy consumption.
Supplier of transparent displays Samsung in Russia is «Mediavizor» (
Application: trade, advertising, creating interiors, museum and exhibition stands.                                    
Example showcases:

Only transparent display showcase and integrates information kiosk. And showcase display is of high quality. Providing excellent way to bring the message to the consumer goods are almost limitless.
Commercial refrigerator:

In January 2012, about the transparent displays, and, in particular, about the idea of using transparent displays in commercial refrigerators, in particular, according to Russian "news." In Russia no one company, this idea has not been implemented commercially. However, the person who first realizes such a project can get a strong competitive advantage. A magazine article about the show InAVate by "Medavizor" commercial refrigerator with a transparent display at the exhibition «Display 2011»

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