Transportation of alcohol in the Russian GLONASS brought under control

The Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation took control of the transport of alcohol and alcohol-containing products throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the requirements of orders Rosalkogolregulirovaniya (PAP) on September 7, 2012 number 256 and number 258 in the account of the traffic volume, market participants will not be able to get a license for the transportation of alcohol, if the vehicles carrying alcohol will not be equipped with a special on-board equipment on the basis of GLONASS. 

The introduction of navigation technologies provide the maximum transparency of transportation of alcoholic beverages, except, so any manipulation of the change in temperature in tanks or unauthorized discharge at all stages of transportation.

The tightening of rules for the transport of alcohol from the PAP is associated with increased control over the illegal trafficking of alcohol products on the Russian market. According to federal law portal, revenues from the sale of the shadow structures of illegally produced alcohol is about 20 billion rubles. year.

In accordance with the requirements of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya, as well as taking into account the requirements of the order of Ministry of Transport of Russia № 285 from 31 July 2012 to improve the safety of the transport of dangerous goods created a unique explosion-proof equipment technology-based satellite navigation system GLONASS. Board device operates using a special algorithm and sends an automated traffic control system full of information about the state of the liquid in the tank at the stage fill / drain and directly transport.

Measuring sensors (flow meters and level meters) that make up the on-board equipment allows real-time and highly accurate measurement of density, temperature and the level of alcohol in containers, bearing in mind the slightest deviation.

"The uniqueness of the project due to its complex characteristics. First, it is a variety of geographic and climatic conditions of the regions of the Russian Federation, on the territory of which the transportation of alcoholic beverages. Second, multi-piece tanks with a lot of technological holes to open, rinse and drain the Gulf of alcohol. To account for the wide range of controllable parameters designed on-board controller, which automatically not only monitors compliance with the carriage in accordance with the declared earlier volumes, but also transfers the data into a single analytical system PAP. In case of emergency situations in order to comply with safety onboard controller will block all processes associated with the transport of alcohol. Moreover, if the tank with alcohol will be kidnapped, airborne equipment in stand-alone mode can transmit information about the location and condition of the goods within 30 days ", — commented Sergei Buhlaev, Project Manager of the holding SpaceTeam («SpeysTim"), the development company on-board equipment.

Currently on-board equipment is equipped with GLONASS transport distillers: "biotransformation", "Relight", "Talvis", "KIBIH", "TransAlko" and many others. etc. In the central management Rosalkogolregulirovaniya created dispatching service, real-time controls the transport of alcohol on routes previously the declared manufacturers.

"The use of GLONASS for transportation of alcoholic beverages will legalize the market. For bona fide carriers — this is good news. This means, first, fair competition, and second, clear for all operating conditions, "- said Rudolph Kochiev,
Deputy General Director of "Relight".

"The system is fully controls the transport of alcohol. Even after refueling can see how much alcohol is scheduled to be transported in accordance with the previously stated data, how much actually transported, sent to assess if routes of vehicles as a result of alcohol delivered. In other words, the transport of alcohol logically fits in the chain of production, all the data are recorded in a single system, "- added Yuri Gailit, Head of Direct Sales Holding SpaceTeam.

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