Transproject-automation equipment manufactured

Ulan-Ude LVRZ

Ulan-Ude Locomotives Wagon Repair Plant (Ulan-Ude LVRZ, a branch of "Zheldorremmash") has received a new automated test stand rectifier-inverter converters VIP AC locomotives (SPVIP). The manufacturer and the supplier of the equipment by OOO "Transproject-automatics" (Omsk). The new stand will be placed in a hardware shop. The stand is designed to automatically check the rectifier-inverter converters VIP2-2200m, VIP 4000, VIP-4000M, VIP-5600 AC band-rectified voltage phase control, and regenerative braking. Measuring equipment stand allow you to measure current, voltage, shape and amplitude of the rectified voltage, pulse control, to determine the timing. The stand consists of two main parts — cabinet with power equipment and remote control. Entering the stand-up will improve the quality of products, reduce the number of failures in the operation of the VIP series, and as a result, claims against the plant.

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