TransSakhalin line reached Poronaisk

Road Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Okha asphalt reached Poronaisk.

This is a momentous event, the road will provide additional opportunities for the development of the municipality and to improve the quality of life. The track has already left for the city is preparing for further paving fabric, in 2014 the task to reach the city of Smyrna.

Work on the asphalt highway also come onshore and to the north of Sakhalin — in Nogliki, Oxx, Tymovskogo. The length of it is 858 km, about 500 km today, "dressed" in the asphalt or prepared for it. For this highway are realized up to 65% of the total freight transport by road in the region. Also, it connects the major seaports in the region and emerging areas of the island’s economic growth, providing a stable base load for these ports.

Modernization and development of the road is one of the priorities set by the strategy of socio-economic development of the Sakhalin region. Currently, it is on this road runs the bulk of construction and reconstruction, as the road itself, and all engineering structures located on it.

Over the past ten years the length of asphalt concrete pavement here has increased by more than 120 km, all temporary bridges were rebuilt in the capital structure type.

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