Transstroi completed the construction of the berth and cargo terminal area Nyhavn

Engineering Corporation "Transstroi" completed the reconstruction of the pier and built cargo areas in the village Vistino Kingisepsky district of Leningrad region. The object was put into service to the customer.

The "Terminal" New Harbor "- a logistics center for transshipment of goods, including cars. The capacity of the complex is 1700 thousand tons of container and ro-ro cargo and 250 thousand vehicles per year. The project will open up a new way of delivery of imported cars in Russia and reduce logistics costs.

Building investor by OOO "Russian Transport Lines" (RTL), OOO "Terminal New Harbor" performed as operator of the project. Total amount of work on the project "TransStroy" included the development of the project and working documentation and construction of hydraulic structures logistics complex, in particular, the reconstruction of quay length of 240 m for unloading ships, including ro-ro (removal of pre-existing and construction of new berth) and the construction of the cargo area of 4.5 hectares at the berths for unloading and storage of vehicles and laying of utilities. The designing corporation began in November 2007. In January 2008, a contract was signed for the construction work.

This object has a non-standard financing: by agreement of the parties of its construction was carried out at the expense of "TransStroy." "Transstroi" at his own expense acquired construction materials and has made all construction works at the site. Upon completion of work the customer to reimburse costs to builders for construction of the complex, in fact, by purchasing ready-made object.

In 2008, due to the financial crisis and the temporary inability to finance the work of "Transstroi" was forced to suspend construction. The total cost of construction work on the project was about 481 million rubles.

Today the work is finished, dock with platforms ready to put into operation.

Structurally shore facility is designed as a bulwark revetment. This design is not the first time applied JSC "Inzhtransstroy" in the construction of port facilities and has worked well over the years of operation.

As contractors involved ZAO "GT" Story ", OAO" Sevzapmorgidrostroy "and" Sevzapstroymehanizatsiya. "

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