Transstroi performs a complete modernization of its production facilities

Transstroi — — Russia’s largest construction company, specializing in the implementation of large-scale integrated transport infrastructure projects for transport infrastructure projects throughout Russia and abroad.


The program of technical re-equipment of production units holding Transstroi started in 2010.

For 2011 Transstroi invested in upgrading its own production of about 3 billion rubles. In the next 3 years in the corporation plans to send about 5 billion rubles. the purchase of new equipment and construction equipment for bridge construction, concrete works on planar structures, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks and other machinery for construction activities.

The new technique is intended not only for the implementation of the current portfolio, which is estimated at 52 billion rubles. for 2012, but the strategy is designed to increase the number of construction projects, which involves the growth of the company’s revenue to 80 billion rubles. in the year 2015.

Continuing work on the program of modernization and technical re-equipment, Transstroi a dialogue about the strategic partnership agreement for the supply of modern construction techniques with a number of companies — suppliers. Choosing an affiliate company will be determined by a number of objective factors, flexible pricing and financing conditions, a wide range of high quality construction equipment and machinery in Europe.

General Director of PSC "Transstroi" Igor Pankin commented on the company’s plans to modernize the technology park, "Constant updating of technical park — this time requirement in the modern world. All projects involve the construction of transport infrastructure major technical equipment of the contractor. This is the basis for the execution of works in customer specified pace and quality criteria. "

Today to maintain its leadership position in the market, competitive advantages to multiply, it is necessary to constantly upgrade work practices, to use all its scientific potential and new technologies, which in turn correspond to the modern construction machinery. We must not only comply with the requirements of the customer, but also stay ahead of these requirements in their manufacturing capabilities and equipment. Transstroi working in this direction — acquires new technology and construction machinery, modern solves the problem of increase management efficiency and productivity, provides European quality execution of works.

In 2011, investment was the purchase of equipment unique technologies of work on the construction of tunnels of Olympic facilities in Sochi — understudy Spa Avenue — on the so-called "Italian" method. 4 complexes were purchased by tunneling, 3 roadheader for sinking the traditional method, 6 machines for devices bored piles, several front-end loaders for tunnel penetration, excavators, Shaft machines and other modern equipment for the construction of complex engineering structures. In the same period for the performance of the high quality work on the airfield construction acquired German
stacking complexes of high-quality concrete. In order to develop a career in Yakutia Elovskaya Transstroi purchased quarrying machinery and equipment.

About holding Transstroi

Core competencies of industrial units of the holding is to manage projects "turnkey" — from design to full implementation. Transstroi building airfields and waterworks, railways, highways, bridges, tunnels, and large-scale industrial and civil applications. The company’s turnover in 2011 amounted to 40.3 billion rubles .. TransStroy projects are in the Krasnodar region, Sochi, Yakutia, Northwest Region, St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow region. Number of employees holding — 6 thousand people.

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