Travelling in Yamal in photos by Sergey Anisimov

Photos by — Sergey Anisimov


 A small journey in pictures Yamal talented photographer.

Salekhard, capital of Yamal

Tarko-Sale, Pur district center

s.Aksarka, the center of the Ural region

s.Yar-Sale, Yamal Region Center

s.Muzhi, the center of the district Shuryshkarsky


p.Krasnoselkup, the center of the district Krasnoselkup

s.Tolka, Krasnoselkupsky area

Gubkinskiy, the youngest city in Yamal

Noybrsk, the south gate and the oil capital of Yamal




Novy Urengoy gas capital of Yamal

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