TREKOL-unique machines for extreme conditions

Founded over 20 years ago, the firm "Trekol" today produces unique ATV tires at low pressure, which is a wholly-certified products, the likes of which does not exist in Russia or abroad.
Design features of the data is protected all-terrain vehicles seventeen patents of the Russian Federation, Canada and the United States of America.
One of the main components of ATVs by "Trekol" is a low pressure tubeless tires that have been designed, manufactured and patented by employees of the firm. These tires, thanks to its flexibility, the large volume and ultra-low internal air pressure ensures a uniform distribution of pressure on the ground, which allows vehicles equipped with them, it is easy to move around on the virgin snow, swampy meadow, quicksand and water obstacles (all-terrain vehicles, swamp buggies and All terrain vehicles ).
The company "Trekol" The basic principles of creating ATVs on low pressure tires is — the ratio of the total volume of tires to the weight of the vehicle. This principle is the basis of all new ATV tires at low pressure produced to date in Russia: (Arktiktrans, Predator, Project, Amphibian, Bronto, VISA, P.). In all these developments is the principle developed in the research — the production company "Trekol."


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