Tribute to a legend

Deserved appreciation of human labor-life legends in Yuzhnoportovy area was an event that took place on September 28 at the house number 32 on Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street. This day was a memorial plaque in memory of Anatoly Gromov.

 The name of this remarkable man closely linked their former power and glory of the well-known throughout the country, the State Production Association GPP-1, the famous "ball", where he worked for more than half a century of his life and which was led for more than 30 years. Pay tribute to this great worker came district leaders: Andrew Krysanov head of the council, the head of internal municipal education Yuzhnoportovy Zoe Zotov, head of the municipality of Alexander Zavolsky. In a meeting dedicated to the event, attended by numerous former and current employees of OJSC "Moscow Bearing", war and labor veterans, representatives of youth organizations of the district, the residents of the district Yuzhnoportovy, relatives of Anatoly Gromov.

Opening the meeting, the head of the municipality of Alexander Zavolsky, he worked for many years at the famous factory, said:

— With the name of Anatoly Gromov’s no exaggeration due Yuzhnoportovy and development of our region. It was not only a great worker, a high head-operative, but also a statesman. The opening of the memorial plaque — it’s a great opportunity for the education of today’s youth by the example of his selfless devotion to the service of the motherland.

The same estimate Anatoly Gromov enormous contribution to the development of the district gave in his speech and the head of the council Andrew Krysanov:

— Commemoration of the heroic personalities, great workers — Mana certain historical gap. We are restoring justice. Modern residents of the area should be aware of their great fellow who dedicated his life to serving the motherland. After all, GPP-1 — is a living history of the area. And a huge contribution to the development of this unique production brought Anatoly Gromov, general director of the plant, the Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes. In his example, it is necessary to raise the current youth, instill respect for her own district.

The head of the municipality Zoe Zotov said that the opening of a memorial plaque on the house number 32 Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street is very symbolic: it lived for many years Anatoly: "Making your civic feat, he for the first year of the war was able to manufacture bearings, despite the fact that most part of the plant’s equipment and operating personnel have been evacuated. There was a shortage of skilled workers, the city frequently bombed by the Luftwaffe. However, by 1942, Heavy Machinery received bearings fail. It is only by a strong spirit of the people. The whole life of this remarkable man — a shining example for young people. This is a legendary figure. And we were required to do anything to his connection with the area and was inseparable today. "

On the amazing devotion to the plant, permanent solutions to the challenges in front of him and told to take part in a rally daughter of Anatoly Gromov Larisa. "For our father throughout his life factory occupied the first place — she said — but we did not take offense to it. The whole family knew what a great cause he served. "

His memories of the legendary director of "ball" also shared the former factory workers. And all the participants of this meeting were unanimous in one thing: the opening of a memorial plaque in memory of Anatoly Gromov — deserved appreciation of his work. And it is very important that each new generation of area residents Yuzhnoportovy his example has learned to live by the principle: "First think of the motherland, and then — about myself."

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