Trip around the world with GLONASS

On the Day of Russia on June 12, at 9 am from the dock "Big Stone Bridge" yacht DELTA went round the world trip.

The crew of the yacht DELTA:
Andrei Nevzorov — the captain and owner of the yacht DELTA. Master of Sport with over 25 years experience in Sailing, repeated champion of Russia.
Elena Nevzorova — nurse, radio operator.
Sergei Samarets — senior assistant cameraman, an amateur angler, a certified cook.

JSC "Russian Space Systems" assisted in the preparation of the expedition, equipping the vessel brave explorers personal emergency beacon buoy and sea space search and rescue system COSPAS-SARSAT made in JSC "Research Institute of Space Instrument".

Three long years Muscovites will surf the oceans, will be 30,000 nautical miles, will visit the ports of 27 countries. Precisely guided by Russian athletes abroad will help the domestic satellite navigation system GLONASS.

According to the captain, the yacht "Delta" — a very strong modern vessel, made of composite "space" materials. It is built on factory "Diamond" (St. Petersburg) pilot project Leningrad shipyard.
Equipped with a predominantly Russian equipment.

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