Tripling capacity: Large open after reconstruction Novorossiysk Tunnel

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony of the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Novorossiysk railway tunnel, which was built in 1888.
Construction of the tunnel began in May 2010 and required an investment of more than 3 billion rubles. Total cost of reconstruction of the tunnel was 8 billion.

After the reconstruction of the tunnel was the single track tunnel cross paths with reinforced waterproofing and lengthened by 238 meters (the length of the tunnel after the renovation was 1628 meters). As part of the reconstruction and drainage facilities have been built over the tunnel, retaining walls, concrete bridge, buildings and structures designed to protect object. The tunnel is now equipped with video surveillance systems. The tunnel will be the movement of Novorossiysk. The motion to Novorossiysk is a single-track tunnel on the right path, built in the spring of 2009.

Commissioning of the left tunnel path will increase the speed of trains and the capacity of land-Novorossiysk Tunnel. According to the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Andrei Nedosekova, completed reconstruction will pass through the tunnel in the day before the 150 pairs of trains (to repair capacity was 55 pairs of trains).

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