Troitsk GRES in August increased electricity production by 42%

Electricity production branch of JSC "OGK-2" — Troitsk GRES in August 2012 totaled 450 million kWh, which is 42% more than the same period last year (317 million kWh).

The significant increase in power production performance due to the commissioning of the equipment, which in the summer of last year was in the repair in order to modernize and improve the reliability of its operation. In particular, after an extensive renovation in the spring of 2012 was put into operation unit number 8 capacity of 485 MW and was completed modernization of management control block number 4 and number 5.

Carried out repairs have improved not only the performance but also the environmental characteristics of the equipment. So, as a result of the replacement of electrostatic precipitators on the block number 8 ash emissions will decrease by 40 million tons per year.

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