Troop ships of the Caspian flotilla set sail for the tasks

Today the group of ships in the Caspian flotilla of small artillery ship "Volgodonsk" and hydrographic vessel "GS-194" went to sea to perform security tasks Russian maritime economic activities in the Caspian Sea.
During the two-week sailing crews conduct training joint maneuvering, perform elements coursework tasks in accordance with the training courses naval surface ships.

MAC "Volgodonsk."
In order to reconcile the actual depths were coated with charts and navigational hazards detection of unaccounted experts Hydrographic Service at the time of collection, the campaign will perform measurements of the regular route hydrographic equipment.

In this campaign the crews of the ships on the Caspian Sea will be 1,500 miles, and once again test their cohesion and combat readiness to perform assigned tasks.

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