Troop ships of the Northern Fleet came to the Red Sea and headed for the Gulf of Aden

Troop ships of the Northern Fleet (NF), consisting of a large anti-submarine ship (BPK) "Severomorsk", rescue tugboat (SBS) "Altai" and the average sea tanker "Dubna", has successfully completed the passage of the Suez Canal, and went out into the waters of the Red Sea.
Now the Russian Navy in particular intended to point mooring at the Bab el-Mandeb Strait. It is planned that there BOD "Severomorsk" replenish the supply of fresh water, food, fuel and lubricants from the tanker "Dubna". The crew of destroyer will get a short stay before the formation and maintenance of the first convoy of merchant ships, following from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean.
On the ship, the crew continues to actively preparing for the implementation of tasks to ensure the safety of the civilian navigation in the Gulf of Aden and along the coast of the Horn of Africa. Marine Corps SF improves tactics Boarding Party on the deck and in the ship’s spaces. During the transition to the point of anchorage provided for conducting training of high-caliber machine gun firing "cliff", PKM, RPK, SVD sniper rifle, an AK-74 at floating inflatable targets, simulating a pirate boats.
BOD "Severomorsk" will ensure the safety of civilian shipping for the second time. In 2011 he successfully coped with this task during the 6-month campaign.

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