Troop ships of the Northern Fleet has successfully completed the missile firing in the Barents Sea

The detachment of warships Kola Flotilla of the Northern Fleet (NF) has successfully completed shooting a cruise missile target and hit her means of air defense in the Barents Sea landfills.

After spending a few days in the Barents Sea, the crews of the large anti-submarine ship (BPK), "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" and small missile ship (MRK) ‘Breaking Dawn’ complex learning tasks performed on the practical application of basic and anti-aircraft missiles. In combat exercise to work off was included firing a cruise missile target from the main missile system to provide anti-aircraft firing anti-submarine ship.

IDC released with "Dawn" cruise missile target was promptly detected and destroyed by anti-aircraft missile system "Dagger" BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov", commanded by captain Alexander Mashinetsky.

Before returning to base seamen hold a series of internal ship exercises in survival at sea, as well as joint maneuvering and communication between ships detachment in areas of heavy traffic in the polar night.

BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" and IRAs "Dawn", this access to the sea is the first event of the combat training conducted at sea ranges SF in the Barents Sea in the new academic year.

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