Troops aerospace defense in the Moscow area were

six all-altitude radar

Radio engineering regiments Forces Aerospace Defense (VVKO) on combat duty in air defense in the Moscow area, last year received six all-altitude radar, said spokesman Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin VVKO.

"In 2013, the armament of radio parts VVKO receive about 20 new radars of various modifications. Among them — the radar "Gamma-S", "Sky-Y", "Flying up-to", and the latest all-altitude locators (OIE), "- he said, reports "Interfax".

Radar — all-altitude detector, is designed to review the set of detection, automatic acquisition, tracking, target selection for target designation anti-aircraft missile systems, national identification purposes. BBO is able to simultaneously detect more than 100 targets of different classes — airplanes, helicopters, remote controlled aircraft and missiles at ranges of up to 400 km at low, medium and high altitudes.

As a stand-alone tool targeting TSB is also part of anti-aircraft missile system S-400 "Triumph" standing armed anti-aircraft missile regiments VVKO who are on combat duty for the protection of airspace boundaries of Moscow and the Central Industrial Region.

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