Troops of Aerospace Defense noted the first anniversary of its foundation

In accordance with the decision of the President of the Russian Federation in 2011, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was formed a new branch of service — Army Aerospace Defense (ASD).

According to the report of the Press and Information Ministry of Defense, is a fundamentally new types of forces, which is designed to ensure the safety of Russia’s air and space: December 1, 2011 the first duty shift command post Troops ASD to intercede on alert and began providing centralized command and control duty forces and means of systems of missile warning, missile defense, air defense, space control, launch control and the Russian spacecraft constellation.

Troops aerospace defense were formed on the basis of units and formations of the Space Forces. The new type of troops entered the compound and operational strategic command of aerospace defense.

Create Troops ASD was dictated by the objective need to unite forces and facilities responsible for the security of Russia in space and from space, with military units providing air defense of the country, in order to create a unified national system of air and space defense.

Troops aerospace defense tackling a wide range of tasks, the most important of which are:

— ensuring the highest levels of management with reliable information about finding the launch of ballistic missiles and missile warning;

— defeat ballistic missile warheads likely opponent, attacking important state objects;

— defense command and control of higher parts of the state and military control of troops (forces), the most important industrial and economic centers, and other facilities from the blows of air and space attack the enemy within the affected areas;

— observe space objects and the identification of threats to Russia and from outer space, and if necessary — parry such threats;

— launches of spacecraft into orbit satellite control systems for military and dual (military and civil) in flight and the use of some of them in the interest of the troops (forces) of the Russian Federation of the necessary information;

— maintaining the established structure and readiness for the use of satellite systems for military and dual-use means of starting and operating a number of other tasks.

Military Forces of the SAI are located on the territory of Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, as well as in a number of CIS countries.

Daily on combat duty in the associations, formations and units Troops EKR intrudes more than 3 thousand military and civilian personnel specialists.

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