Tropical storms formed a column

August 5, 2013. Early August — the peak season of tropical storms in the north-eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. GOES-15 satellite constellation of NOAA's August 2 hurricane watch "Gil" is flanked by two companions, tropical depressions — lower organized weather systems.

A day after the photo made, depression 91, which was in the most unfavorable conditions for intensification, has ceased to exist, and depression 90 was transformed into the eighth tropical storm "Henrietta."

Whirlwind to be almost in the wake of "Gila" and also intends as he become a hurricane. Under the most likely scenario, such an event will occur closer to the environment. Meanwhile, he "Gil" over the cool water of the central Pacific Ocean began to rapidly weaken and dissipate already in a tropical depression.

Source: News Gismeteo

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